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hi, i haven’t been on tumblr in days because (let’s be real, here) my life is a joke, BUT - pikestreet and i came home tonight at basically the same time, and then realized we were both wearing maroon knee socks and were ready to wear long sleeved shirts and shorts to bed, and if that’s not an excuse for a photoshoot in the kitchen at 1am, i don’t know what is.


Scorpio: Your language can do funny things, this week. Your language can go so wild. This week, you can talk yourself into anything, you can talk magic into being, you can speak whole worlds into life. Your voice can carry you, it can light up rooms, it can calm storms, it can move whole oceans. Try to be kind, this week when the world bends around you. Try to be generous. Listen to other people. Listen to songs with no words at all.

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Anonymous asked: what's your favorite sex position


lying in your front yard pointing out all the trees you used to climb when you were a kid

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Get your first look at Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in "Marvel’s Daredevil" on Netflix with these official photos: http://bit.ly/1qdlhRr

Also, Rosario Dawson’s character has been revealed.

pre wedding // morning after wedding


The Syndicate Presents Conflict Of Interest

Tuesday, October 21, 2013
Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249)
Brooklyn, NY

With Live Performances By:
Cold War Kids
Special Guests
Chief Scout

Doors: 6pm | Show: 8pm

Free with RSVP or CMJ badge

@ConflictParty | @TheSynDotcom | #TheSyn

**Attendance subject to venue capacity. Arrive early to ensure entry

hello internet, please come to my party.

"I love you" doesn’t mean a fucking thing if you spit it down the throat of every girl who makes you feel less dead

JJ Abrams’ anti-spoiler poster from the ‘Star Wars Episode VII' set | /Film

"Are you gonna write about this?"

Like his mediocre lines
and the way he butchered the names of Thai food
had me shaking at the knees.
Like that was something worth noting.

I still wrote three poems about my last dinner date.
I live in a world where I am blessed to believe that
everything is something worth noting.

But people tell me that if I keep writing poetry
about every mouth I meet,
nobody’s going to want to kiss me anymore.

The first time that someone compared my poems
to Taylor Swift songs,
I didn’t know that it wasn’t supposed to be a compliment.
It turns out they weren’t saying: “thank you
for your honesty, your openness, your willingness
to make life into art even when it gets tough to pronounce”.

They were saying: “All you write are love poems.”
Like that wasn’t okay.
Like that was somehow discrediting or laughable.
They were saying: “You go on too many dates
and you can’t make them stay.”
And I don’t know how to shake that off.

I live in a world where I am blessed to believe that
everything is something worth noting,
even bad dinner dates.
I also live in a world where a 24 year old Taylor Swift
can’t write about bad dinner dates anymore.
A world where she has sworn off dating and written an album
with a curt nod to love instead of a wide smile,
because she’s sick of her love life being an American pastime,
a comedic punchline every time she leaves the house.

“Watch out: she might write a song about you!”

God forbid she tells the world that you’re a sloppy kisser.
God forbid she tells the world that it still hurts that you left.

She is a girl with a big heart and a bigger mouth
and she owns everything that ever happens to her.

I own everything that ever happens to me

and I refuse straddle the line between privacy and honesty
for the sake of someone else’s comfort level.
I will not be a Disney mermaid
willing to give up her own voice for love.

Forget legs.
Choke on water, choke on ink.
I will not kiss another man who refuses to learn how to swim.

"Me vs. Taylor Swift vs. Ariel" Trista Mateer

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