i mean, i guess.


college radio promoter. professional commuter.
triborough dweller. i carry upstate on my back.
long island lover. new jersey slugger.
i talk like this, &this is what i look like.

i’m getting on a plane to nashville in just a few hours.
waiting for the south to engulf me and take me in all the right ways.

i’ll see you soon, new york.

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I get excused from participating in PE a lot because I’m straight edge and my gym teacher thinks that that’s a disability or something. 

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The response…
Fuck. I am trying.
Is always a good one.

Please stay here with us.

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who’s ready to get their science on? kaitydavie pikestreet 

2014: the year of new friends and science adventures and big smiles

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I’ll take what I want. I’ll concede to all my faults. Dirty jeans and tongues pretend to talk. I won’t feel guilty when you kiss me. Love is malleable and it bends like a body.

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.


If I Stay — Trailer
Release Date: August 22nd

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