i mean, i guess.


college radio promoter. professional commuter.
triborough dweller. i carry upstate on my back.
long island lover. new jersey slugger.
i talk like this, &this is what i look like.

my best friends: looking like the rejects of some awful reject teen drama series since 2008.

ultimatum on a saturday morning ›


this is the last time i’ll chase you

i should know better than to waste a pretty dress

should know better than to take the subway an hour each direction 

this is your last chance, path ends here

i am not good at ultimatums but this is me trying for once

i have started wearing lipstick 

and my skirts shorter 

and a look of mild discontent that usually turns you on

i have tried inviting myself into your boys club

but i am not a fucking mindreader, 

i am not a number without a face or a laugh or a voice

i am not disposable and my love is not never-ending no matter what people say

it will end, it is ending

this is the method of communication i am choosing

this is a human thing, a me and you thing, an us thing

this is the rain outside my bedroom window

it’s my yellow dress with the flowers on it and your chipped tooth

and it is your tattoo i love so goddamn much

it is the “i can’t looking at you you’re so pretties”

this is me using the word gravity as an act of stabilization

and i am trying to write something as fucking beautiful as you made me feel once

the only relevant echo is that in such a short time you have even reconfigured the idea of my heart 

and the space where it used to be

you know i’m one of the only people that can pull this off

you know i’m the best you’ll get

this is the final straw

for you have inspired in me an anger resurfaced

and  you should know this poem’s for you, motherfucker

i hope you understand what i mean when i say, i am so outta here

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Do I Actually Have a Crush On You Or Do I Just Like That You’re Nice to Me and Cute: a novel by me

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I want to tell you I miss
you with no subtext. No guilt,
no anger, no expectation
that you’ll fix it. I don’t want
you to feel bad or to tell
me it will get better. This
is where we are meant to be
right now – me apart from you,
my hands a little empty and
my heart a little sad.
I just miss you.
I wanted you to know.

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harrison ford appreciation forever and ever.

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