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this picture is from 2004. holy shit. look at how young we were.

she’s about to get on a plane 23 minutes away from where i currently sit. she’s going to go through six weeks of training, of insanity, of uniforms and short hair and new starts. then she’ll come back, leave again, come back, and go away for four years. this isn’t college. this is now about letters and care packages, and then about skype sessions and stories of a different life.

we may not talk every day, but this girl has been by my side constantly for the past eight years. i am sad that she won’t be here and i am in awe of how fast the time has moved. but mostly, i am proud.

the islanders and long island kids: cause and effect. ›

Let me back track a bit and introduce myself. I’m 24-years old and commuting to the city for work via my parents’ basement. If I could afford it, I would have my own place in a minute. I grew up in Syosset for 18 years before heading to college. I couldn’t wait to get. The hell. Out. Call it being a teenager, but I bolted for college at the University of South Carolina. Had it not been for a local economy smaller than Seaford, my other out-of-state friends and I likely would have stayed and found jobs in Columbia. That’s what my high school friends who went to school in Boston did. That’s what, I figure, I would have done if I had gone to Maryland instead. Luckily for Nassau County, I didn’t have anywhere else to go. So now I’m back. And I’m ready to leave. And if you didn’t pay attention or look hard enough, you didn’t notice that my friends and I aren’t around.

Where are we?

We’re going to off-Long Island colleges, especially since the county’s flagship school is asking for private size dollars, a large factor in my decision. We’re renting apartments in Brooklyn. We’re living with our parents in Nassau, but working and drinking playing in the City when we’re not tanning in the Hamptons. Isn’t this the stereotypical Nassau upbringing? Have fun but do it somewhere else.

to say that this article makes my insides all twisty is an understatement. besides my fluctuating interest in hockey, the vote that is coming up in regards to renovating the nassau coliseum could change the future of an entire generation.

as someone who does live on the island and commute to the city (well, jersey), it hits home with me - and let’s be real, it hits home with a large group of my friends. while we’re all making plans to make changes in our lives, and to move on to the city, other cities, or other countries? the point of the matter is, there is next to nothing left for us here on long island right now. additionally, as a straight edge kid on the island, with a nightlife of mostly bars… if there wasn’t such a huge LIHC community to bond with, i think i would have avoided coming back here entirely.

there’s another article, from grantland, that also provided some more great commentary on the current situation.

gpoy: last days at photo finish/atlantic edition.

this is now my second time leaving this hallway on the twenty sixth floor, and  its not any less depressing - in fact, i think its more; because i don’t see myself coming back here anytime soon. i’ve had some amazing opportunities within these walls, i’ve met some amazing people and made some wonderful discoveries (musically and personally) while working here. nothin’ but love for all of these fine folks; love and thanks for all they’ve taught me.